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Hanz de Fuko: Men's Hair Products | Ad

Hanz de Fuko: Men's Hair Products | Ad

Happy New Year! I cannot tell you guys how excited I was when I received a package of goodies from Hanz de Fuko to try out. After using them everyday for the past month, I feel I can provide my honest and in-depth review of the three products I was sent. Enjoy!

Both Styler and Refresher

Quicksand is great for absorption as a standalone to revitalize hair or as part of a regimen in combination with other products. Most mornings, I want a style option that is quick and easy. This product is for most hair types that offers volume and cleaner hair with little effort. It gives my hair the much-needed revitalization it needs.

When I need a product that can offer hold and separation, this has been my go-to product over the past month. If you normally apply products on damp hair, I suggest using heat to get the style just right. Once it has been properly dispersed on the strands, it creates instant volume and lift. Looking to refresh an older midweek style? Quicksand also targets oiliness while doubling as a styling product.

Soft Hair, Great Hold

Some days I want to create pieced texture, but my hair hates most gels and waxes as they can create scalp build-up. Claymation beats tons of products I've tried. It controls my hair, while offering superior hold. I don't have to worry about the stray hairs or that dry, dull, crunchy feeling that might ruin my style.

This “clay wax” hybrid does not build up on strands. Instead, it gives a sheen that looks natural and lasts throughout the day. Even though it's a wax, my hair does not feel hard or sticky. If I work a bit of water into it, it frees my hair and I can use it again afterward to refresh the original style, with some added texture.

Perfect for Every Style

Scheme Cream has now become a staple in my hair regimen. It has plenty of natural properties, including beeswax, natural oils, and herbs. The formulation provides all day nourishment and moisture. It's great for dry or oily hair types. I have used this both as a leave-in or finishing product. Simply work the Scheme Cream into your hair and it will offer hold, while still maintaining the softness you desire.

This product is super versatile. I would recommend using it after a quick wash and go style or after a full wash and condition routine. The flexibility factor is perfect when looking to achieve the “I want my hair to look like I rolled out of bed, but I actually did style it" look.

Use code IGJASON for 10% off any Hanz de Fuko product to create the perfect hairstyle with texture, volume, and dimension. Click here to shop!

NYFW: Robert Geller FW17

NYFW: Robert Geller FW17

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