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Giveaway: The Therapist Candles | CLOSED!

Giveaway: The Therapist Candles | CLOSED!

Friends and family aren't always easy to shop for. Struggling to find a thoughtful gift for the holidays? Need something simple to check off your list? The Therapist Candles are just the ticket.

The Therapist Candles are designed to benefit both the body and mind. The aromatherapy aspect will improve the body's natural response to ailments. These candles also help to ease anxiety, improve mood, create tranquility and encourage overall well-being. They are made up of essential oils and high-quality cosmetic fragrances.

The candles are comprised of soy-based waxes, rather than typical paraffin-based waxes. This allows the candles to burn longer, stay cooler and produce less toxins. It gets better; they are produced locally, biodegradable, a renewable product and environmentally-friendly. Even the containers are eco-friendly; made of recycled materials.

From fruity, to rich, floral and seasonal; you will have no problem finding the perfect scent for your home or gift recipient. A few of the most popular fragrances that The Therapist Candles were kind enough to gift me include:

Earl Grey Black Tea and Bergamot, a blend of black tea and distinctive citrus rind oil of bergamot, with a crackling wood wick. It promotes anti-stress and antidepressant benefits. Man's Collection | $28

Montauk, a combination of earthy, woodsy and lush green scents accented with a crackling wood wick. Man's Collection | $28

Citrus Herb Euphoria, a blend of lemon, sweet orange, lemon verbena, grapefruit and more. It promotes benefits of vitalization, invigoration and more. Therapy Collection | $24

Tranquil Lavender Mint, a spa-like aroma of lavender extracts, peppermint, rosemary and basil. | Therapy Collection | $24

Winter Pine Utopia, a combination of fir needles, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, eucalyptus and peppermint. It offers stress and anxiety relief. Perfect for the holiday season! | Therapy Collection | $24

Looking for something other than candles? The Therapist Candles also offers room sprays, bath soaks and soy melts. The bath salts are made up of a combination of the most luxurious oils, herbs and flower petals. All products, like the candles, offer benefits for the mind and body. They can help nourish the skin, soothe sinuses and eliminate toxins.

Ready to start stuffing stockings? Visit TheTherapistCandles.com where you can find your nearest store, find contact information or enjoy the convenience of shopping online. All products are made in the United States in small batches so you can ensure your order will be of the utmost quality and exactly what you're looking for.

*** Use code TEZTRENDS at checkout for 35% off your order!

Since the holidays are all about giving, I’m offering you a chance to win the five candle scents listed above! Follow the simple steps below to enter.

Official Giveaway Rules: Contest entrants are required to follow myself, @teztrends and @thetherapistcandles on Instagram. To enter: Comment your favorite holiday scent on my photo of The Therapist Candles. You must be 18 years or older to enter. United States only. A winner will be selected at random via Instagram direct message on Friday December 9, 2016.

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