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Upgrade Your Oral Care Routine With Goby | Ad

Upgrade Your Oral Care Routine With Goby | Ad

Electric toothbrushes have proven to be more efficient in use than traditional toothbrushes. Unfortunately, most require you to buy batteries when they run out of power. They may even have to be replaced like manual toothbrushes after heavy use.

The Goby All-Black Electric Toothbrush not only solves the these common problems but also packs plenty of unique features like a sleek profile, replaceable brush heads, and smart brushing features.

The thinner style allows you to easily navigate the brush around your mouth. There's no more of that bulky feel that comes with brushing your teeth with a normal brush or thicker electric toothbrush. Instead of store-bought batteries, Goby comes with a convenient USB charger. You can dock the toothbrush on the supplied USB stand and you’re done.

One of my favorite features has to be the built in timer. It runs at 30-second intervals and lets you know when to move on to a new quadrant of your mouth. I typically brush for 1-2 minutes total and my teeth feel super clean.

You guys know how much I love a good monochrome aesthetic and my love for black & white. Together with this color, the unique design displays sophistication and really makes a statement in your bathroom.

As always, I only work with brands I actually use and believe in, Goby is no exception. It is ideal for anyone considering an electric toothbrush, looking to save time, and a deeper clean.

Shop the Goby All-Black Brush Kit and others at Goby.co to upgrade your oral routine!

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